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Maui Lei Greetings

There is no better way to start your Hawaii Vacation than with a Hawaiian Flower Lei Greeting at the Airport.  Maui Airport Lei Greetings are perfect for first-timers to Hawaii, honeymooners, or anyone who you want to make feel special.  When you book your Maui Lei Greetings through Top Ten Hawaii, you can rest assured that you’re saving both time and money.

Maui Travel is much quicker now than it was in the olden days, but Hawaii Lei Greetings can help to bring back some of that tradition and nostalgia.  Start your Hawaii Vacation in the classic, traditional way with Maui Greetings. 

Hawaiian Lei Greetings are traditional in Hawaii.  When the early Polynesian voyagers arrived from Tahiti, they introduced the lei to the islands.  Maui Lei Greetings became very popular, and leis were worn to distinguish Hawaiians from others.  As Maui Travel grew and became popular throughout the world, Hawaii Lei Greetings became a symbol of Hawaii to a number of visitors throughout the world.

When boats were the only way to reach the Hawaiian Islands, lei vendors would like up at Aloha Tower to welcome visitors and returning locals.  When visitors left the islands, they would throw their leis into the sea in hopes of returning again soon.

The leis we use during Hawaiian Flower Lei Greetings at the Airport are made with carnations, tueberose, dendrobium orchids, plumerias, or a combination of these.

If you order your Maui Airport Lei Greeting within 48 hours of flight arrival, there will be an additional $15 charge per party.  Also, only standard leis will be available when your Hawaiian Lei Greeting is ordered within 48 hours of arrival.

Be sure to inform the Maui Greeting recipient to look for a sign with their company name or personal name on it.  No refund will be given for missed Hawaiian Flower Lei Greetings at the Airport due to uninformed recipients.

When you’re booking your Maui Travel and Hawaii Vacation through Top Ten Hawaii, don’t forget to ask about Maui Airport Lei Greetings.

Lei Greetings
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Maui Lei Greetings
Maui Lei Greetings
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