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Maui Surfing Lessons

There are many things to do in Maui, but not many are as traditionally Hawaiian as Maui Surf Lessons.  Surfing in Maui is simply out of this world and is sure to create lasting memories of the fun times you spent on the islands.  When you reserve Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui through Top Ten Hawaii, you can be sure that you’re not only saving money—you’re also saving time.  Your Hawaii Vacation won’t be complete without some exciting Maui Surfing.

With Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui offered through Goofy Foot Surfing, beginners can learn about Surfing in Maui and experienced surfers can take their skill to the next level.  There is a variety of Maui Surf Lessons available through Top Ten Hawaii and Goofy Foot Surfing.  When it comes to Maui Surfing, there’s absolutely no age discrimation.  As long as you’re comfortable in the water, you can enjoy these things to do in Maui.  You’re guaranteed to stand and ride at least one wave during the majority of Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui—or your lesson is free! 

Maui Surf Lessons for beginners will teach you simple methods for navigating the line-up, paddling, and timing and catching waves.  You’ll also learn stance, standing up, stopping, board maneuvering, and wiping out.  Private Surfing in Maui lessons bring you to the next level, as you’re able to benefit from the instructor’s undivided attention and help.

Top Ten Hawaii and Goofy Foot Surfing School offer several different Maui Surfing lesson options.  You can enjoy a 2-hour lesson (private or group), a 3-hour lesson (private or group), or a 6-hour surf camp (private or group).  You also have the opportunity to schedule private Maui Surf Lessons with the founder of Goofy Foot Surfing, Tim Sherer.

When you’re booking your Hawaii Vacation through Top Ten Hawaii, don’t forget to ask about Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui!
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