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Big Island Hawaii Kayak Tours

Big Island Kayaking Tours are some of the most exciting things to do while on a Hawaii Vacation.  With Big Island Kayak Tours, you’ll be able to have a fresh perspective of the Hawaii Island from your Hawaii Kayak!  Kayaking in Hawaii creates lasting memories of your time on Hawaii.  Hawaii Kayaking is one of the best ways to practice conscientious Eco-Tourism.  When you climb on board a Big Island Kayak, you’re able to have a more intimate experience checking out the island.  When you book your Big Island Kayaking Tours through Top Ten Hawaii, you’re sure to save both time and money!

No matter your skill level, our Big Island Kayak Tours guarantee that you’ll have a wonderful time while learning about the marine life around Hawaii Island.  Top Ten Hawaii offers the best Big Island Kayaks and other Kayaking in Hawaii equipment so that your Hawaii Kayaking experience is fun and safe!  An experienced and knowledgeable instructor will also be there to help you out during your Big Island Kayaking tour.

We supply everything you need to enjoy Big Island Kayak Tours during your Hawaii Vacation:  your Hawaii Kayak, snorkeling gear, life vests, bottled water, refreshments, and your very own guide to ensure your safety.  All ages are welcome to participate in Kayaking in Hawaii; however, you must be able to paddle a Big Island Kayak and be physically fit.

Your Hawaii Kayaking adventure starts out with a short orientation that covers respectful wildlife viewing methods as well as the Hawaii Kayaking equipment.  Our Hawaii Kayaks are sea kayaks and may be different from what you’re used to, so we just want to make sure that you become comfortable before we actually jump into the water. 

About a mile into the Big Island Kayaking Tour, we’ll take a break at an area that’s filled with rich marine life.  Those with snorkeling experience are more than welcome to explore and enjoy the abundance of tropical fish and crystal clear waters.  A snorkeling orientation will be available to any participants who require it.  After some snorkeling off the Hawaii Island coast, we’ll jump back into our Big Island Kayaks and head over to another awesome snorkeling site for more fun snorkeling! 

From the start to the conclusion, the Big Island Kayak Tours last for about 3 ½ to 4 hours.  When you’re booking your Hawaii Vacations through Top Ten Hawaii, don’t forget to ask about the various Kayaking in Hawaii adventures available!

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Big Island Kayak Tours
Big Island Kayak Tours
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