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Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii

When you participate in a Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii activity, you are able to interact with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  Swimming with the Dolphins is an extremely exciting and unique thing to do in Hawaii during your vacation.  During your Swim with the Dolphins on Big Island Hawaii, you’ll learn about love, communication, and community during an activity that’s sure to create lasting memories.  Top Ten Hawaii offers these Kona Activities with the island’s most knowledgeable and experienced dolphin guides and experts. 

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are the most popular and common dolphin in Hawaiian waters, and they’re great to swim with.  Between 700 and 1,000 spinner dolphins live in the Big Island Hawaii’s clear waters, so you’re sure to encounter several during your Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii.  These dolphins feed in the offshore waters during the nighttime and move into waters closer to the shore as well as protected bays during the daytime for play and rest.  Resting dolphins couldn’t care less about nearby humans, but those who are in play mode are perfect for interaction.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are about the size of an adult human and are the smallest dolphins in the Big Island Hawaii.  When you Swim with the Dolphins, your experienced guide will be able to educate you regarding spinner dolphins as well as Hawaii’s other marine life.  During your Swimming with the Dolphins adventure, you may see other types of dolphins such as pacific bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, pilot whales, and other creatures including manta rays, sea turtles, and tropical fish.

The Big Island Wild Dolphin Swim starts in the morning with a journey up the Kona Coast in search of spinner dolphins for these Kona Activities.  During your trek up the coastline, you’ll be able to observe gorgeous turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.  The location of spinner dolphins can change from day to day—they may hang out at Hoona Bay, Makalawena, or Kiholo Bay.  No matter where your Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii takes you, you’re sure to have a magical experience.  

Once your guide has located a pod, your boat will stop and you’ll be allowed to enter the water to enjoy snorkeling with possibly hundreds of dolphins.  All of our Swim with the Dolphins activities are safe, fun and easy!  Keep in mind that you’ll be Swimming with the Dolphins on their turn and on their terms.  Here are some tips to remember while enjoying this thing to do in Hawaii.  Swim gently—don’t chase the dolphins.  Let the dolphins come to you.  Stay close to the boat.  Swim with the dolphins, but be sure to respect their space.  Keep splashing to a minimum.  Be considerate and respect the dolphins.  It’s best to swim with your hands by your side.  Don’t feed or touch the dolphins.  Dolphins may swim under or behind you, but you are never allowed to dive down with them.  Stay alert, and avoid sudden noises or actions that might surprise or startle these creatures.  

To ensure that your Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii adventure is the best possible, we limit each of these Kona Activities to a small number of participants.  All ages are welcome to participate in these things to do in Hawaii, but children are required to pay the adult price.

Don’t forget to bring a towel and sunscreen for your Swim with the Dolphins.  Top Ten Hawaii recommends that you wear your swimsuit under outer clothing or a cover up.  Snacks, bottled water, snorkel, mask and fins are provided.

When you’re booking your Kona Activities and other things to do in Hawaii through Top Ten Hawaii, don’t forget to ask about the various Swimming with the Dolphins activities.


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Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii
Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii
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