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Big Island Hawaii Snuba

Hawaii Big Island Snuba gives you and your traveling companions the chance to enjoy the serenity and beauty of a marine utopia!  You can choose to enjoy Kona Snuba Diving during the morning or afternoon, and you can either dive from a boat or off the shore.  You’ll be able to experience the tropical marine life up close and personal when you participate in Hawaii Snuba.  When you book your Snuba in Hawaii adventure through Top-10-Hawaii, you’re sure to save both time and money.

Hawaii Big Island Snuba bridges the gap between scuba diving and snorkeling, allowing you to enjoy breathing underwater while you discover Hawaii’s extraordinary aquatic life.  

If you’re interested in beginning your day with the tranquility of an underwater utopia, then the Kona Snuba Diving Morning Dive is perfect for you.  If you’d rather sleep in during your Hawaiian vacation, don’t worry—you have the option to enjoy the Snuba in Hawaii afternoon dive.  The staff at Top-10-Hawaii can help you decide which of these Hawaii Activities is best for your tour group.

Regardless of when you choose to enjoy Hawaii Snuba, you’ll have the choice of booking one or two dives.  If you decide on one dive, you’ll enjoy Hawaii Big Island Snuba at the first dive location and snorkeling at the second location.  If you decide upon two dives, then you’ll be able to enjoy Kona Snuba Diving at both dive locations.  The dive sites are decided upon the day of your Snuba in Hawaii activity, based on visibility and conditions.

Are you interested in Hawaii Snuba but can’t stand boats?  Top-10-Hawaii has the solution!  You can choose to dive off the shore and still be able to enjoy the gorgeous marine life that the Hawaiian waters have to offer.

The guides that will accompany you during these Hawaii Activities hold your safety as their top priority.  Before you jump into the water, you’ll be given a short, thorough orientation that will let you know what to expect from Hawaii Big Island Snuba.  Also, your Kona Snuba Diving guide will be with you during the dive if you choose the Boat Dives.  If you choose to dive off the shore, you’ll be provided with a small raft that will follow you on the water’s surface and carry your scuba tank.

When you’re booking your Hawaii Activities through Top-10-Hawaii, be sure to ask about Snuba in Hawaii!

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