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Hawaii Big Island Whale Watching Tours

If you plan on visiting Hawaii between the months of December and April, you absolutely must check out Big Island of Hawaii Whale Watching Tours.  When you book Big Island Whale Watching adventures through Top Ten Hawaii, you’re saving both time and money.

Humpback whales are in the Hawaii area during Hawaii Whale Watching season, from December through April.  These magnificent creatures spend their summers in Alaska and then migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii for the winter months to mate and give birth.  There are several Whale Watching Tours offered through Blue Sea Cruises and Body Glove Cruises for you to choose from.  Big Island of Hawaii Whale Watching Tours are available during the morning and afternoon, so you can choose the time that best fits your schedule. 

Humpbacks are not the only whales to be found in Hawaiian waters.  Hawaii’s waters are also home to pygmy killer whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, beaked whales, and melon-headed whales.  These are typically found much farther off shore and can be seen during some of our Kona fishing charters.  

The best part about Hawaii is that sometimes, you can see the incredible humpback whales from the shore!  Oftentimes, you’ll see people peering through binoculars, hoping to catch sight of these majestic creatures.  However, these shore sightings aren’t nearly as fun and guaranteed as Big Island Whale Watching tours.  During Hawaii Whale Watching tours, you’ll be thrilled while looking over the boat’s edge and seeing whales swimming below.

Because of the law, our boats must stop at least 100 yards away from these creatures; however, sometimes these whales come much closer because of their curious nature.  During your Whale Watching tour, you may even be treated to the sound of a spouting whale or the scent of whale breath!  Many of Blue Sea Cruises and Body Glove Cruises’ are equipped with a hydrophone system so that you can listen in on the amazing sound of the whales’ songs as they communicate. 

Top Ten Hawaii offers two unforgettable Big Island of Hawaii Whale Watching Tours.  Blue Sea Cruises features a 2 ½ hour Big Island Whale Watching tour complete with live narration provided by an onboard naturalist.  During this Hawaii Whale Watching cruise, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree view from the 70-foot catamaran, the Spirit of Kona.  The Spirit of Kona also features two glass bottom wells so that you can check out underwater aquatic life.  Body Glove Cruises’ Afternoon Whale Watch lasts for about three hours on board the 51-foot Trimaran KANOA, which can accommodate up to 90 people.  Both of these Hawaii Whale Watching cruises give you the chance to get up close and personal with the incredible humpback whales.  Don’t forget to bring your camera!

When you’re booking your vacation, don’t forget to ask about the various Whale Watching Tours available.

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