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Charter Fishing Hawaii

Being surrounded by the ocean on all sides, one can only know that one of the best Hawaii activities that is a “must do” is to go deep sea fishing in Hawaii.  Hawaii Fishing is a classic attraction and one that you must try.  Reel in the best deals with Top 10 Hawaii when you head out on your sportfishing Hawaii adventure.  You can book and start planning your charter fishing Hawaii activity with Top 10 Hawaii today.

Deep sea fishing in Hawaii has always been and always will be one of the most popular Hawaii activities.  If you have a love for the water, and for fishing, then charter fishing Hawaii is for you!  Get the best of the best Hawaii Fishing through Top 10 Hawaii. These include:  sportfishing Hawaii, Big Island Sport Fishing, Kona Sportfishing, and Oahu Sportfishing.   Choose from the following islands and call us today at 866-482-9775 to make your Hawaii Fishing dreams come true!

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Venture out on your charter fishing Hawaii experience today.  Sportfishing Hawaii, Oahu Sportfishing, and Kona Sportfishing will offer you the best that Hawaii Fishing has to offer as you have the potential to reel in monster fish within minutes of leaving Honokohau Harbor.  Fishing in the Intrepid, which is the result of volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Islands, will offer you thousands of feet of gorgeous blue water near the coast.  Take your pick of Hawaii Fishing, choosing between Big Island Sport Fishing, Oahu Sportfishing, Kona Sportfishing, and/or Hawaii Sportfishing.  So what is holding you back from the best of the best in charter fishing Hawaii?  Start reeling in those fish and savings with top-10-hawaii.com

Choose from a half-day, three-quarter day, full day, custom and/or overnight charter Fishing Hawaii experiences.  From the moment you take off with Hawaii Sportfishing, Kona Sportfishing, Oahu Sportfishing, or Big Island Sportfishing, you will be having a “fish-y” good time.  The benefit of sportfishing Hawaii is that you will be spending less time just riding in the boat because you will already be catching fish before getting to the prime fishing grounds.  Come enjoy the best of the best Hawaii activities when you start catching record-sized fish.  What makes charter fishing in Hawaii so great, is the fact that you will be fishing at the steep drop-offs and deep marine canyons which are prime hunting grounds for predator and big game fish.  You will be leaving your deep sea fishing in Hawaii adventure very satisfied when you participate in Oahu Sportfishing, Kona Sportfishing, Hawaii Sportfishing, and/or Big Island Sport Fishing adventures.  Trips involving a combination of deep sea fishing in Hawaii, snorkeling, or whale watching are available as well upon request.  

Wondering what will happen to all that fish you caught?  Ever thought of keeping it?  Well you can!  We will be happy to fillet and package your fish for you.  Let us prepare your fish for shipment (under 25 lbs) and keep your catch to have at home!  We can recommend a local restaurant who can cook your fresh fish so you can enjoy it right then and there on the island.  Celebrate your awesome catch over a delicious meal.  Please ask us, since rules are different with each of our charter fishing in Hawaii.  No fishing license is required on any of these Hawaii activities.  All water, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks are included in the rates.  All these Hawaii activities are a fun and exciting way to spend with friends and family!

Departing from the Honokohau Harbor, your fun adventure awaits.  Famous for the Blue Marlin and their sportfishing Hawaii experiences, The Kona Coast is full of adventure and excitement for the whole family.  Aboard the Bite Me or Bite Me II, or Bite Me III; you can expect a very exciting day when you choose either Kona Sportfshing, Hawaii Sportfishing, or Oahu Sportfishing.  “Grander Alley” sits on the Kona Coast and is one of the best fishing spots. It is there that you will find Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Ahi, Ono, Wahoo, Short Nosed Spearfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Skip Jack Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Rainbow Runners, and Sharks.  Standard for these Hawaii Fishing adventures, is a 40’ boat with no more than 6 people on them.  This is a great time to be had with your family or fellow vacationers.

Choose the best of the best of deep sea fishing in Hawaii today with top-10-hawaii.com. The fish are waiting for you to come greet them with Kona Sportfishing, Oahu Sportfishing, and Hawaii Sportfishing.  And you can through Top 10 Hawaii!  Choose to go fishing in Maui, Kauai, the island of Oahu, or the Big Island where Kona is located.  Whichever Hawaii activities you choose, we can help you get there and reel in those savings with top-10-hawaii.com. Welcome Aboard!

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