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Sail through the waters with the Whales in Hawaii as your company.  From December to April, known as ‘whale season’ is the prime time when thousands of these giant, gorgeous beasts leave their summer home in the Alaskan waters and migrate to the warm Hawaiian waters.  You can see Hawaii Humpback Whales in their natural habitat when you book through Top 10 Hawaii today.  Enjoy one of our Hawaii Whale Watching Tours where you can have a spectacular and up-close experience with these incredible creatures and save big with top-10-hawaii.com.

Enjoy your Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise when you board 230-foot ‘Star of Honolulu’.  These tours can range from the coast of Kona to Kauai and onto the Big Island.  With its air conditioned cabins, large windows, and viewing decks, everyone will have the best views there is to have.  As you enjoy viewing the Whales in Hawaii, the expert naturalists aboard will share educational commentary and insightful information on their behavior and biology.  It is a fun learning experience for all.  Get a taste of Hawaiian culture because along with the Hawaii Humpback Whales, you can also enjoy such activities as coconut frond weaving, lei-making, hula and/or ukulele lessons and even fish feeding.  So get onboard and splash into savings with Top 10 Hawaii. You and the family will have a great time and we can guarantee you real whale sightings or your next Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise is on us! 

Climb aboard a 70-foot catamaran known as the Spirit of Kona.  Here you will get full 360-degree views.  Aboard this vessel there are 2 large glass bottom wells so that one can view the underwater marine life. You will hear the songs of the Whales in Hawaii as they get blasted through the sound system from the underwater hydrophone.   Bring your cameras as you get up close and personal with these gentle beasts.  You will get to experience these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  From December to April, their beautiful whale songs will echo across the Hawaiian waters as they migrate to the area.  Get ready for a splash of excitement as you watch these whales leap up into the air and splash back down into the water, or as they slap their tails on the water.  You will see Hawaii Humpback Whales teaching their young to explore their underwater environment.  What better way to view these creatures other than in their natural and beautiful environment.  This Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise does include appetizers and drinks!

 Hawaii Whale Watching Tours will include a crew of certified naturalist eager to share their knowledge on all the Whales in Hawaii, educational video presentations, and hydrophones to hear whale songs, and much more!  Not only will you learn about whales, but be enlightened as you learn more on Spinner Dolphins, Bottle Nose Dolphins, Mantas, Pilot Whales, and Sea Turtles.  Splash into savings with top-10-hawaii.com when you join us on any of our Hawaii Whale Watching Tours.  Start this whale watching adventure from Kona, Kauai, or the Big Island.  Hawaii Humpback Whales are calling you today to join and observe them in their natural habitat.  From December to April, you can enjoy the Whales in Hawaii as they give you a splashing good time.  This is one adventure the entire family is sure to enjoy.  Book and save big on your Hawaii Wale Watch Cruise with top-10-hawaii.com today, and get ready to be amazed!

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