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Hawaii Zip Lines

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly through the air?  Well now you can when you book your Hawaii Zipline adventures with Top 10 Hawaii.  You won’t be needing any “pixie dust” for this adventure as you fly through the air up to speeds of 50 mph zip-lining above the ground at tremendous heights and often for great distances.  Hawaii Zip line Tours are for the young and the old.  With Top 10 Hawaii, you will have a variety of Hawaii Zip Lines to choose from.  So what are you waiting for?  Start flying through savings with Top 10 Hawaii today.

Hawaii Zip Lines are the up and coming rage today on the islands.  In 2002, the first zip line course in the United States was built on the island of Maui in Kula.  Today, there are over twenty Hawaii Zipline courses built amongst the major islands.  Come see for yourself what this rage is all about as you fly though the air and zoom into saving with Top 10 Hawaii.

How do Hawaii Zip Lines work?  It’s all about physics and gravity.  There are many forms to it, but all are based on the same basic principles.  You, as the rider, will be fitted into a harness which will be attached to a type of pulley mechanism.  This pulley mechanism will allow you to wheel freely on a metal cable that will be attached between two points.  You will find that the second point will always be lower in height than the first, because when you launch off from the first position, gravity will come into play allowing you to be pulled to the second location.  Although the principle will always be the same, every experience with the many different Hawaii Zipline courses will be different.  You will find that with all the Hawaii Zip line Tours, each one differs.  One may be extremely short, when others will send you flying thousands of feet through the air.  Some will be close to the ground, while other Zip Lines in Hawaii will send you soaring over streams, waterfalls, forest, and gorges.  With all the Hawaii Zip Lines, you will be harnessed in, but even the harnesses differ with each adventure.  Some are very simple and similar to a parachute harness.  Other harnesses you will see are more like chairs that you are able to relax in as you glide along your Hawaii Zipline tour.

There are a variety of different Hawaii Zip line Tours you can choose from with top-10-hawaii.com.  Choose the “canopy” course, where you will travel from one platform that is mounted to a tree to another platform.  You will basically be leapfrogging in this manner from tree to tree through the forests.  Other courses travel from mounted platforms that are sunk into the earth to similar platforms that can be thousands of feet away on the other side of the valley.  There are a number of Hawaii Zipline courses that will have ‘double lines’, where two of you can launch off at the same time and race each other across to the finish.  Wanting a difficult physical challenge?  Many of Zip Lines in Hawaii offer ‘rope courses’ that are set up to encourage you to master your fears of height.  You can work together as a team to conquer this physical challenge.  You will get to climb high up on rope platforms, experience huge rope swings, navigate hard rope bridges, and then launch yourself toward the earth from on high only to be caught in mid air by the sturdy ropes that you will be attached to.  Whichever Hawaii Zipline adventure should you choose; Top 10 Hawaii can get you the best deal and help you pick out the most exciting adventure for you and your family.

All the major Islands will offer you amazing Hawaii Zip Lines.  Each will have their own unique taste to it.  Kauai has a Hawaii Zipline course that will take you from Princeville to just outside of Poipu.  Rivers, jungles, and streams will be your constant companion on this tour.  You will have the choice between a canopy course or the speedy ‘big zip’ type of course.  Maui has Hawaii Zip line Tours that will range from large to small and coastline to forest.  Although most Zip Lines in Hawaii begin and end in the same spot, one of Maui’s courses will span great distances and will actually end in a different region from where it started at.  Some of the most exciting courses that Hawaii Zip line Tours have to offer take place on the Big Island of Hawaii.  All of its Hawaii Zipline courses are in areas such as the windward coasts, streams, waterfalls, jungles, botanical forest lands, and even ranchlands.   Strangely enough, the island of Oahu has the least amount of Zip Lines in Hawaii than any of the other islands, even though it features the largest number of tourists.  But it is said that there are more Hawaii Zip Lines planned for the future.  Let Top 10 Hawaii find the best of the best Hawaii Zip line Tours for you and your family.  Each one offers a different and thrilling adventure fun for every one of all ages.  Zoom into savings today with top-10-hawaii.com!

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