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Horseback Riding Hawaii

Want to know what would be the ultimate adventure to take while vacationing in Hawaii?  Want a fun, different, and exciting way to see the islands?  Then Horseback Riding in Hawaii would be the ultimate adventure for you and your family.  So saddle up and save with Top 10 Hawaii and prepare for your Horseback Hawaii Activities.

When choosing your Hawaii Horseback Riding tour, you can choose the best tour for you.  One of our many Kauai Horseback Riding tours will first start you out at one of the most beautiful and oldest working ranches in Hawaii, Kahua Ranch.  Enjoy gorgeous views of the mountains, coastline, and the lush pastures complete with grazing sheep and cattle.  With all our Horseback Hawaii Activities, you will saddle up with our experienced “paniolos” (Hawaiian cowboys) and the well-trained horses which ensure your maximum safety and flexibility for riders that range from beginners to experts, which makes these Hawaii Attractions fit for just about anyone wanting to try and do.  Depending on your experience, there are opportunities for trotting and cantering.  Kauai Horseback Riding tours are some of the best Horseback Hawaii Activities around.  It is a great alternative to see the natural scenery that surrounds the beautiful islands.  Top 10 Hawaii can help you plan and give you this experience of a lifetime.

Come enjoy Horseback Riding in Hawaii at Parker Ranch, one of the most authentic and exciting Hawaii Attractions out there. It is here on the Big Island that “paniolos” and horses first met over 150 years ago.  Start out at the Blacksmith’s Shop, where you will go on to the breaking Pen, through rolling hills passing the Stone Corrals, where about 5000 head of Hereford cattle were held here after being driven down from the slopes of Mauna Kea.  After seeing the Stone Corrals, you will move on to experience other historical sites such as the Red Track.  The Red Track is where famous Parker Ranch Thoroughbreds were trained and are still holding world records for speed today!  Whether it is in the morning or afternoon, you can choose when to take your Hawaii Horseback Riding tour.  Either way, you will enjoy your 2 hour ride through the famous Parker Ranch.  A 250 lb weight restriction does apply.  This tour is for a minimum age of 7 years old and up.  Long pants are recommended and covered shoes are required.  With top-10-hawaii.com, you can get your authentic “paniolo” experience today!  So giddy up and save with Top 10 Hawaii.

Not wanting to see the islands the horseback way?  What to do in Hawaii while the others are taking their Hawaii Horseback Riding tour? There are alternative Hawaii Attractions like the Historical Home Tours, Wagon Rides, and the Visitors Center and Museum located at the Parker Ranch Shopping Center.  All can be arranged when the others book their Horseback Riding in Hawaii experiences.  Just ask and Top 10 Hawaii can help you with alternative Hawaii Attractions that are available.

Try out another one of the Kauai Horseback riding tours, some of the most popular of Hawaii Horseback Riding that takes place on the Princeville Ranch which is full of ranch pastures and breathtaking views of the mountains and Pacific Ocean.  Like many of our Horseback Hawaii Activities, it comes complete with a private trail guide and has been personalized for your specific riding adventure.  You can work with your trail guide to arrange the sites and experiences that YOU want to see.  All of our Horseback Riding in Hawaii experiences are catered to your specific skill levels and needs.  Let Top 10 Hawaii get you the best deal on your exciting, yet relaxing ride on the best of the best Horseback Hawaii Activities.    

Ready for a fun filled day full of adventure, excitement, relaxation, and even more fun?  One of our exciting Hawaii Attractions is with Big Island Horseback Riding.  You will get to enjoy getting the attention from your guide and hearing all about the ranch’s history, flora, and fauna.  Your 3 hour private tour will include a waterfall hike, swim, and picnic—all included in one package.  It’s a thrilling way to enjoy Horseback Riding in Hawaii.  Through top-10-hawaii.com, you can feel the excitement by both saving money and experiencing the tour itself!

So What to do in Hawaii? Take the thrilling and exciting adventure of a lifetime by trying one our Horseback Hawaii Activities.  Whether you choose the Kauai Horseback riding tours, the Big Island Horseback Riding tours, or any of the Hawaii Horseback Riding adventures, we can guarantee that you will have a good time!  What better way to relax and see the beauty that the islands have to offer?  These are some of the most exciting Hawaii Attractions out there.  All of our Horseback Hawaii Activities have the best instructors and horses out there.  Please be sure to check with us about weight restrictions and age requirements. 

So giddy-up and work on your “yee-haws” while Top 10 Hawaii helps you save money and give you the best Horseback Riding in Hawaii experiences today!

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