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Hawaii Luaus

Get ready to experience one of the greatest traditions that live on the islands to this day, a Hawaiian Luau.  The Hawaii Luau is an exciting tradition that people of all ages are sure to enjoy.  Luaus are a great way to experience Hawaii Entertainment.  Start or finish your Hawaii Vacation with the best Hawaiian Luau that Top 10 Hawaii has to offer.  Choose between the Paradise Cove Luau or the Island Breeze Luau.  Both Luaus will have you on the edge of your seat along with top-10-hawaii.com having saved you so much money!  Book your Hawaiian Luau today!

When you book your Hawaii Luau with Top 10 Hawaii, you will be exposed to an assortment of authentic and historical Hawaiian dances, songs, music, language and chants with the Paradise Cove Luau or the Island Breeze Luau.  These Luaus will tell real stories about Hawaiian mythology and tradition.  Don’t miss out on the greatest of Hawaii Entertainment!  Dance your way into great savings with top-10-hawaii.com today!

Paradise Cove Luau that is being offered to you through Top 10 Hawaii is one of the finest Hawaiian Luaus around.  This Hawaii Luau is a “must see” so that you can experience the islands in a cultural way.  Come listen, watch, and enjoy the Paradise Cove Luau as they share with you their history in the tradition of their ancestors.  Enjoy a sunset ceremony with the Royal Court procession and then witness the traditional way to unearth the underground-roasted pig at the Imu Amphitheater.  You will get to enjoy cocktails and a feast with traditional Hawaiian food.  Get ready for the best Fire dancers that the islands have to offer as you get to end the show with the exciting Samoan fire knife dance!  You will get to see the story of Hawaii come to life through music and dance.  Only Top 10 Hawaii can give you fiery hot savings for the best Hawaiian Luau experiences on the islands!

The Island Breeze Luau has been performed all over the world sharing its beauty and richness of the cultural heritage of the Pacific.  This specific Hawaiian Luau had the privilege to perform at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. They were the only cultural group from the Pacific to perform.  In the past, they have performed before many leaders and dignitaries throughout many regions of the world such as:  Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, and America.  The Island Breeze Luau is dedicated to presenting the expressions of all the people groups in Polynesia.  They share with the world the understanding that God, as the Creator, is the author of culture and values its diversity by using the cultures of the Pacific as its prototype.  The Island Breeze Luau seeks to entertain, teach and share unique values and principles, and to impart knowledge with the audience.  

Included in this exciting Hawaii Luau is:  many Photo opportunities, an Aloha shell lei greeting, and open bar— serving standard cocktails and fresh tropical drinks, Royal court procession, the underground Imu ceremony, All-you-can-eat buffet, and traditional Polynesian revue.  Booking through top-10-hawaii.com can promise you great prices and an amazing experience with our one of a kind Luaus while on your Hawaii Vacation.  So come hungry and don’t wait to get the best deals today with Top 10 Hawaii!

Enjoy your Hawaii Vacation when you get to experience your authentic and exciting Hawaiian Luau.  Fun for the whole family, there is no other Hawaii Entertainment quite like this!  Top 10 Hawaii offers you the lowest prices on Hawaii Luaus throughout the islands.  Get ready to have some fun with top-10-hawaii.com today!

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