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Hawaii Snuba Tours

What do you get when you put Scuba and Snorkeling together?  Hawaii Snuba Tours! One of the most unique and fun Activities in Hawaii!  With Hawaii Snuba Tours and Maui Snuba Tours, you will get an exciting adventure when you dive into the water with Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel.  No other Activities in Hawaii will meet the level of expertise and adventure than with Hawaii Snuba Tours.  Feel welcomed to snorkel only, but if you are ready to go beyond snorkeling, than Snuba Hawaii is a must for you.  You will be exploring Maui’s underwater world in a safe, fun, and up-close way.  Are you ready to join in the fun with Hawaii Snuba Tours?   Then book today with Top 10 Hawaii as your underwater adventure awaits you.

So what is Snuba Hawaii?  It is a patented system that connects you and your dive companion to an inflatable raft that will follow you along the surface supporting your air tank, allowing you to dive to a depth of 20 feet.  It is a fun introduction to the excitement of scuba diving.  In a short 15 minute lesson, you will be ready to begin your Snuba Hawaii adventure.  No previous experience is required.  You must be in good health and at least 8 years old to enjoy our Hawaii Snuba Tours.  Aqua Adventure’s Maui Snuba and Snorkel trip will begin south from Maui’s Maalaea Harbor, leaving at 7:30am.  The first stop will be at the Molokini Crater, formed by a volcanic cinder cone; it is a crescent shaped island that is located just off the south Maui coast.  Look for Maui’s acrobatic spinner and the bottlenose dolphins as you travel across the water at 22 knots.   These creatures love to “bow ride” on the boat’s wake and pressure wave as we cruise along.  Whalewatching is also included on all trips during whale season which takes place from December to April.

After arriving at the Molokini Crater, your instructor will go over the essential safety points to show you how to properly use the equipment.  After the short briefing you will be ready to begin your Snuba Hawaii adventure.  After experiencing Molokini, you will head onto “Turtle Arches” which is located off the Makena Coast.  After arriving there, you are invited to fix yourself a delicious deli-style lunch complete with an assortment of sandwich fixins’.  Many of Turtle Arches’ sea turtles are used to divers swimming in their waters and will approach quite closely to you.  Just remember that you are not allowed to touch or “ride” any of these magnificent creatures since they are one of Hawaii’s protected marine species.  Hawaii Snuba Tours is the most thrilling way to explore the underwater world.  Let Top 10 Hawaii get you into the water and save!

Needing a unique and fun way to explore the Big Island’s underwater paradise?  With no certification required, Snuba Big Island Morning Boat Dive is one of the best and thrilling Activities in Hawaii today.  Bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving, Hawaii Snuba Tours will let you experience this shallow water dive system that will allow you to experience the wonders of breathing underwater.  Snuba is a safe and fun way to dive.  On your Maui Snuba dive, you can go a maximum of 25 feet.  Your guide will be there at all times to help you in any way.  So dive in and enjoy one of the most fun and unique Activities in Hawaii out there.

So what are you waiting for?  Dive into savings with Top 10 Hawaii as we can offer you the lowest prices on the islands of Maui and the Big Island to get your Snuba Hawaii adventure.  Hawaii Snuba Tours offer you and your family a fun, safe, and exciting way to explore the underwater world.

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